Saturday, July 19, 2014

3D Ultimate Burning GM8 Tech Package

Watzup guys,
so after some years that we spent pushing boundaries of GM8 and doing crazy 3D stuff, we have decided to discontinue all those projects (except BBP of course).

It was a pretty hard decision, because we just love doing that kind of stuff. But GM:S is out, it is pretty much pointless to be still working in old version of GM when a much powerful tool is out. Also GM:S can do all of this much better and without any "hacks"!

But if we just leave all those projects, it would be a HUGE waste. So we decided to give some our sourcecodes to you! That's right! Just do whatever you want with it, tear it apart and use it freely in your games! You don't even have to mention us in credits, but we would really appreciate it of course.

So the package itself contains:
  • Post-proces example - light bloom, lensflares
  • Lensflares example - not so expensive ones
  • Flashlight example
  • Grass and trees tech demo - swinging in a wind
  • World's first GM8 3D real-time shadow engine - not really finished but fully working (contains miltiple of .gmk files of different engine versions)
  • Giant terrain - fast editing, also has saving and loading
  • Pre-baked shadows
  • Real-time water reflections
  • Texture streaming - real-time loading/unloading needed textures
  • and somewhat Flying example? - I don't know, check it out yourself :D It contains a lot of post-proces stuff and could be used to make a good looking game.
 (Water reflections)
 (Real-time shadows)
 (Baked shadows)
 (Post-proces example)
 (Giant terrain)
 (The flying thingy)
(Grass and tees)
Download: here
GMC thread: here
Video (real-time shadows): here