Thursday, September 11, 2014

PupushEd 0.9.0 RC1

PupushEd, or shorly just PEd, is the first 3D level editor of it’s kind for GM: Studio, giving you all the tools that you need.

Experience the ease of creating complex three-dimensional levels with our new editor. Current version of the editor provides you all the tools that you need. You can simply drag&drop objects into the level, move them around, scale and rotate them. And of course you can change all the basic settings of the room and views. All that with intuitive controlls and packed in stylish and easy to use user interface. For the most important features, take a look at the following list:
  • easy to setup and use
  • intuitive controlls
  • resizable window and panels
  • change room and views settings
  • drag&drop objects into the level
  • grid alignment
  • move, rotate and scale instances
  • set instance creation code
  • set instance colour
  • multiple instance selection
  • copy selected instances
  • save and load rooms
But there is much more to come. Our team is planning to add another bunch of stunning features, which will absolutely redefine level editing in GM: Studio. Some of them you can see in the following list:
  • support for 2D levels
  • completely new GUI which will offer better scalability
  • terrain and tools for terrain editing
  • content browser (you will be able to go through your sprites, backgrounds, sound, objects etc.)
  • in-game level saving and loading (great tool for modding)
  • online editing (multiple level designers can work on the same map over the internet)

Available on YoYoGames Marketplace!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

3D Ultimate Burning GM8 Tech Package

Watzup guys,
so after some years that we spent pushing boundaries of GM8 and doing crazy 3D stuff, we have decided to discontinue all those projects (except BBP of course).

It was a pretty hard decision, because we just love doing that kind of stuff. But GM:S is out, it is pretty much pointless to be still working in old version of GM when a much powerful tool is out. Also GM:S can do all of this much better and without any "hacks"!

But if we just leave all those projects, it would be a HUGE waste. So we decided to give some our sourcecodes to you! That's right! Just do whatever you want with it, tear it apart and use it freely in your games! You don't even have to mention us in credits, but we would really appreciate it of course.

So the package itself contains:
  • Post-proces example - light bloom, lensflares
  • Lensflares example - not so expensive ones
  • Flashlight example
  • Grass and trees tech demo - swinging in a wind
  • World's first GM8 3D real-time shadow engine - not really finished but fully working (contains miltiple of .gmk files of different engine versions)
  • Giant terrain - fast editing, also has saving and loading
  • Pre-baked shadows
  • Real-time water reflections
  • Texture streaming - real-time loading/unloading needed textures
  • and somewhat Flying example? - I don't know, check it out yourself :D It contains a lot of post-proces stuff and could be used to make a good looking game.
 (Water reflections)
 (Real-time shadows)
 (Baked shadows)
 (Post-proces example)
 (Giant terrain)
 (The flying thingy)
(Grass and tees)
Download: here
GMC thread: here
Video (real-time shadows): here

Thursday, May 22, 2014

PupushEd - upcoming 3D level editor for GM:S

What is PupushEd?

PupushEd is a FREE 3D level editor for Game Maker: Studio. It basically has the same functions like GM’s room editor, but it is made specially for 3D games. You can add objects, move them around, scale them, rotate them, set their color and creation code. Also you can edit room and views settings.

How does it work?

The editor itself is made in GM:S, IT IS NOT A STANDALONE APPLICATION! To use it, you will have to implement it into your project!

The implementation

We are trying to make it as compatible with any game as possible. That means it should be really easy to implement in your project, even if you have half of it already done. The editor itself will come in gmz file (which will include main resources), but there will also be an example project to show you how to work with the editor. If you would still be strunggling with it, there will be a help file.

When will it come out?

The editor is already working, but it still need some work, especially with cleaning the code. Right now we cannot say when we are going to release it for public, but when we do, we will definitely let you about it here on our blog, on our youtube channel and also on GMC forums.

If you have some questions, don’t be shy and just ask us in the comments!

Screenshots of current version:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We´ve just launched our online store where you can buy things like  
t-shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, and more ...

BlueBurn´s e-shop:

Special offer (valid until April 16):
Free delivery on 2 or more items.
Voucher code: FREE14SHIP

If you have any suggestions for some other things that you would like to see there, just let us know. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TyuTyu NyuNyu: The Forest Ninja

Jump in the woods with a little ninja and fight your foes in a new ' Flappy Bird ' - inspired game that pushes the genre to the new level! Who gets the world record?!

Get it on Google Play for free! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


How to become famous: leak a picture of your product on your own (it has to be a low quality one, the best are taken with some shitty phone camera)!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Baked Shadows Example

Ej watsup guys,

as I have promised you, here is our Pre-Baked Shadows Example (for more info check News #19)!

Download HERE ;)

- BSenG