Tuesday, January 28, 2014


How to become famous: leak a picture of your product on your own (it has to be a low quality one, the best are taken with some shitty phone camera)!


  1. Hi how it go with project? How far are you? And when it will completed? Will Open BETA for all??

  2. I'm still waiting,
    Any news about the game ?
    Do you plan or already do some closed alpha/beta tests ?
    If so, I'm interested !

  3. Hi, we are sorry that we have let you wait. Yes, we are planning some closed alpha testing and we are already preparing for it (registration, bugtracking and stuff like that...), but we can't tell you when is the testing going to happen, because we just don't know it yet :) But when we have some further information about it, we will surely post it here, so stay tuned :)